The interior surrounds passengers in an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. The incredible power, including excellent dynamic characteristics of the model, provides the driver with the opportunity to get the most out of high-speed driving.

The strong character and ideal proportions of the Rolls-Royce Phantom express the very essence of the legendary brand: an interpretation of the modern luxury car that is free from the boundaries of time.


Impressive and aristocratic, this is how the manufacturer describes the new Rolls-Royce Phantom as the "Best Car in the World." He became the first to try on the latest, all-aluminum platform called the "Architecture of Luxury."

The primary and fundamental advantages of the "Architecture of Luxury" are:

  • Lightness.
  • Increased rigidity.
  • Flexibility in the manufacture of long-wheelbase modifications.
  • Absolute freedom in implementing design solutions.

Принципиально новый кузов

Полностью выполнен из алюминия. Впечатляющая легкость и жесткость.

PHANTOM Interior

The car's interior creates an atmosphere of absolute comfort and coziness. Luxurious interior details and the highest quality of finishing materials will give you a lot of positive emotions and incredible pleasure from a trip of any length.


Since its creation, Rolls-Royce has offered its most demanding members an extensive palette of resources to create their own unique space.

Each Phantom is a real work of art, which, moreover, can be customized according to your wishes: almost all interior elements are available for the customization process.


Rolls-Royce Phantom is equipped with the most innovative systems and technologies optimally combined with true British classic elegance.

improved chassis

Best in its qualification - with electronically controlled air suspension, you enjoy superb maneuverability and exquisite handling. The new double-wishbone front suspension design with a five-link rear suspension provides an unprecedented level of control and incredible ride comfort, even on warped road surfaces. The suspension computer performs millions of calculations per second, constantly adapting the electronic damping control system to the acceleration of the wheels and the car body, steering movements, and information from the onboard cameras.

Flagbearer Technology

A stereoscopic camera integrated into the windshield detects the characteristics of the road ahead of the vehicle. As well it adjusts the suspension in advance at speeds up to 100 km / h. The system was named after the exceptional companions, who were required to follow the cars with the red flag in hand at the dawn of the automotive era.

Exceptional noise insulation system that the automotive industry had never seen before

It operates due to the sound-absorbing materials installed in the headliner, doors, trunk, and the unique Silent-Seal tires. Inside, there is a layer of special foam that eliminates the noise of the tread the quietest engine.

All this creates a three-dimensional effect of an ideal "cocoon," which made it possible to increase the level of sound insulation by about 10% compared to the previous version of the model.

New super-efficient V12 power unit

The car's core is an entirely new super-efficient 6.75-liter V12 power unit with two turbochargers, with the help of which a torque of 900 Nm is performed at 1,700 rpm, and power is 571 l / s.

The motor works in conjunction with a high-tech eight-speed transmission that uses satellite navigation data (SAT - Satellite Aided Transmission) when changing gears. As a result, the maximum comfort for the driver and passengers is ensured during a measured calm ride and in conditions of sharp, dynamic acceleration.


Объём топливного бака100 л.
Тип двигателяV12
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