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Calculation parameters
An initial fee, %
Loan term, months12
Annual interest rate
Monthly Payment0.00 ₽
Commission0.00 ₽
Overpayment of the loan amount 0.00 ₽
Loan cost0.00 ₽
Full loan cost 0.00 ₽
* Credit is provided by "BMW Bank" LLC. Bank of Russia license No. 3482 dated June 10, 2013. Loan program "Rolls-Royce Partner": initial payment - at least 25% of the cost of the car, interest rates on a loan in Russian rubles - from 10.5% with a loan term of 12 months. The maximum loan amount is RUB 12,200,000. The presence of a CASCO policy is required. The program applies to new Rolls-Royce vehicles and demo vehicles. Detailed information on the website This information is not an offer to conclude a contract.
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