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CULLINAN Viewing Suite

Bespoke feature
Viewing suite

A wide range of different unique Bespoke features for Cullinan, which will uncover the verge of the character of your automobile and respond to the interests of the owner.

One of which is the Viewing Suit option with deploying seats and a cocktail table, the composition is extended from the boot just by a touch of the button. With this incredible viewing sight, Cullinans' owners can enjoy the most spectacular views.

Viewing Suit adds two deploying seats and a small table, which extends right from the boot and is facing the back. These seats are made out of high-quality leather and recall reclining chairs in theaters. This composition is meant for outdoor romantics with champagne. The seats and the table are easily folded back into the boot by a touch of a button.

There is an option to add this feature to your Cullinan.

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