DAWN aero cowling — кофр для DAWN

Rolls-Royce DAWN convertible will get a new look and be presented at the Geneva dealer.

Some of our clients wanted to shift the accents of beauty to practicality for the most astonishing convertible in the world. Rolls-Royce designers have presented a new option- a unique stylistic and ergonomic solution Dawn Aero Cowling. 

This special tonneau cover, which placed behind the front seats, turns Dawn into a two-seat model in a roadster style, however, you can still always use the back row, you just have to remove the removable shield. This way, the configuration doesn’t matter, Dawn is still made for the group roadtrips. 
Aerodynamic tonneau cover which covers the rear seats of the Dawn is hand made and consists of two elements. The shape of the copnstruction was created with consideration of the aerodynamic in a special way, that the airflow to pass comfortably without disturbing the driver.

The construction is made out of alluminium and uglevolokno, which makes it very light and strong. Under both of the Aero Cowling parts storage is placed. Outside of the Aero Cowling is covered with leather, which compliments the inerior of the car. 

Dawn Aero Cowling is available for purchase at Avilon. Price of this accessory is 5 000 000 RUB.

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