Rolls-Royce was founded in 1904 At that time, Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce met-two completely different people, united by a common goal: to create the best car in the world. And they succeeded! This union was a new milestone in the history of the automotive industry. For more than a hundred years limousines "Rolls-Royce" are considered to be true masterpieces of engineering. Cars of the British brand emphasize the elite status of their owners and are the standard of luxury and aristocracy.

Most of the Rolls-Royce production stages are carried out manually; thus, it is possible to maintain an unsurpassed level of quality and unique style. All masters are specially trained by leading professionals at the factory in Goodwood, which allows you to save the legendary unique look of Rolls-Royce models, which, at the same time, is perfectly combined with the most innovative technologies.

AVILON is the official dealer of Rolls-Royce in Russia. Trade of cars "Rolls-Royce" is the main activity of our company.

We also provide after-sales service. Highly professional specialists guarantee the highest level of service that meets the international standards of the "Luxury" segment.

Rolls-Royce AVILON offers its customers the following unique services:

- of funding program through which You will be able to buy a Rolls-Royce in loan, hire purchase or leasing on incredibly beneficial terms;
- exchange of a used car for a new Rolls-Royce 2018-2019 on the Trade-in system with an additional payment of the difference in cost (price in rubles);
- manufacture and installation of exclusive accessories that emphasize Your impeccable taste;
- Provenance Pre-Owned program that guarantees the highest quality of rolls-Royce cars with mileage offered for sale.

Rolls-Royce AVILON motor show is the largest in Europe. Always available-a full range of these luxury cars. Here you can order a unique Rolls-Royce 2018-2019, created in accordance with any of Your wishes.

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